Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BMX Mania

I'm amazed the kind of stuff boys do on a BMX bicycle - they leap,
slide, jump and seem to go over almost anything. I've decided to buy one
to see if I can at least jump a foot ( over pesky road dividers). The
bike is also very portable and so can accompany me on suburban electric
trains. Take a train to chengalpet, cycle to vedanthangal, pitch a tent
and stay overnight, and take the train back to Chennai the next morning.

I've learnt to comfortably cycle up to 20 Kms at a stretch, without
exerting myself. I'm fantasizing about the day when I have two bicycles
mounted on my caravan parked near a scenic spot (Ooty/ Rajasthan), from
where my friend and I would set out exploring, checking out the local
sights, eating at roadside joints, and generally blend in with wherever
we are. This is tough to do when you are carbound.

Let's see if a BMX would set me free....


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