Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sour cream to die for...

I learnt to make yogurt the last month with the delicious 'valarmathi'
curd. It was simplicity itself. Add curd to lukewarm milk - that's it !
All through Summer, I must have drunk litres of buttermilk each day,
after learning this technique.

Fresh made buttermilk is a great refresher. Just add a few spoons of
curd to a tumbler with a lid, add salt and shake all together. Coming
back from a vigorous game of badminton, drenched with sweat and having a
tall cool glass of fresh buttermilk is as close you get to heaven !

A couple of days back, when the curd looked thick, I decided to thicken
it further - by filtering out all water. I took a thin towel, poured the
curd in and gently squeezed all the water out. What I got was sour cream
- with a texture exactly like fresh butter but with the unmistakable
taste of curd.

I served it with Rumali roti to Bai and Ravi - who were flabbergasted -
They've never tasted anything like it. Jayaraman pronunced it delicious
and Cycle Jayaraman, who boasted about the thick curd he'd eaten in the
himalayas did not have any comment - but appeared suitably impressed.

I gave it to ma with some eradymade MTR badam milkshake popwder mixed
it. It became Shrikand - a dish I've always wanted to eat !

I ate it the next day mixed with some powdered sugar - really does taste
delicious !

Next Post - learning to make Roomali Roti and Momo.


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