Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Learning to cook an old dish in a new , easy way is sure fun.

Kothu Parota is a often eaten dish in my studio, with Siva being an
ardent loyalist. Parotas were complicated dishes requiring great manual
dexeterity in spreading the dough, or so I thought. Today, when Giri
asked for a parota and the corner shop did not have anything ready I
decided to do it myself.

The french open was on and Federer was clashing with an unknown in the
last 8. During a commercial break I kneaded 3 handfuls of maida with a
handful of atta. I let it rest for a couple of commercial breaks.

For the kuruma, all I had was cabbage and onion. chopped them up, fried
some cumin in oil, added the vegetables and sauteed them. Added some
salt, chili powder and garam masala, a glass of water and half a handful
of readymade grated coconut. I let it cook for a couple fo commercial
breaks till siva commented about the lovely smell . Added some bajji
mavu mixed with water to thicken the kuruma ( I'd run out of gram flour).

Next I rolled out the dough into a thin sheet, smeared it liberally with
oil, cut it up with a pizza cutter into a dozen squares. I stacked the
squares one over another and rolled it again into a thick disc. Cooked
it with more oil. Once ready, I crumbled it by smashing it together with
the base of my palms, just like they do in the corner shop. Lovely flaky
parotas were ready. Giri, Siva and Ravi wolfed it down !


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