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Sudanese Recipes

Came across an excellent site with Sudanese recipes.

It is always exciting to see how different cultures mix and match.

Gorraasa :: Godumai dosai
Wheat flour + baking powder + water + salt : cooked into a dosai

Dama : (Onion Tomato Chuthey with cardamom, cinnamon and garlic)
Cook onions, tomatoes, green chilies . Add salt, cardamom, cinnamon. Simmer. Add crushed garlic. Best with Gorrasa.(Dama is usually cooked with chopped beef )

Dama be Potaatas
Add fried potatoes to the above stew .

Soak and pressure Cook Rajma till soft.Mash coarsely. Add chopped tomato,dates, sesame oil,
onion, chili, fried egg, salt, feta cheese ( or paneer), chili powder.

Prepare Fuul as above. Put pieces of bread in a bowl and pour Fuul over it.

Aseeda :: Thick Ragi Koozhu
Add 1/2kg flour, 1/2 litre of water and yeast into bowl and mix together. Leave in warm place for 5 hours to rise. Boil 1 litre of water with salt. When water is boiling, add aseeda mixture and mix with a wooden spoon. Once thickened (add more flour if dough is too thin), add 1/2 cup of water and simmer until bubbling.Pour into bowl, and let stand until cool and thick. Turn upside down and plonk onto plate to serve, covering with a sauce such as tagalia. ( Made from Rye flour, but substitute Ragi/ chola mavu)

Tagalia : Onion Tomato chutney with Okra powder.
Fry onions. Make Paste. Add tomato paste. Addcrushed garlic and balck pepper. Add okra powder. (Traditionally this is cooked with mincemeat).

Kissra :( A new way of cooking dosai.)
Mix with water to a thin paste and keep for a day. Add oil to an inverted wok, put a blob, sperad thin with mobile top up card. Fry, peel off and stack. ( Original recipe calls for 3 parts rye flour : 1 part wheat flour )

Naeamia be wayka ( Slimy Onion tomato curry)
Fry onions. Add tomatoes. Simmer. Add yogurt, black pepper, salt and garlic. Add okra powder. Serve with Aseeda or kissra.

Naeamia be wayka ( onion- Tomato curry with peanut butter)
Add peanut butter to the above instead of okra powder.

Boil milk. Add baking powder and heat till it becomes yellow.Add okra powder and stir till slimy.
Optionally add sugar. Serev with Kissra.

Kissra be Omregayga
Heat ol. Add beef / chicken. Stir and Brown. Add water. COver and cook for an hour. Take out meat and fry it. Add okra powder. Add fried garlic. Serve with Kissra and fried meat.

Pasta Bake
Cook Pasta. Add butter, tomato paste , salt and green chilies. Grate cheese on top. Add ketchup.
Bake til top is crispy.

Sudani Rice
Fry rice in oil/ butter for a couple of minutes. Add salt. Optionally add a pinch of turmeric,
coriander powder or cardamom powder.Cover and cook.

Khoodra Mafrooka
Heat pan. brown onions and meat ( chicken or beef). Add water. Cover and cook for an hour till meat cooks. Take out meat and fry in oil.Add chopped spinach to remaining onions, add baking powder and cook. Blend. Add crushed garlic and pepper. Serve with gorraasa/ Kissra and fried meat.

Blend peanuts with water into a thin paste. Chop spinach. Cook in chicken stock till
dry. Add peanut butter. Add salt. Eat with bread.

Beetroot Salata
Chop beetroot, carrot, tomatoes, chilies, Spring onions. Add vinegar, lemon, sesame oil & salt.

Jeer Jeer Salata
Chop cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, rocket leaves. Add lemon juice and salt. (Add feta cheese ( sub : paneer) and it becomes Jibna salata)

Salata Aswad
Roast and peel eggplant. Mix peanut butter with lemon juice.Add eggplant and mash. Add vinegar, cumin powder, salt, pepper and crushed garlic.

Salata Aswad be Zabadi
Peel chop and fry eggplant. Mix tomato paste, yogurt, peanut butter and salt. Add lemon. Add
pepper and garlic. Mix with fried eggplants.



Blogger Reel said...

Ever so interesting! As a Sudanese.. I love that I can find some of my traditional cuisine recipes on the net! Woohoo! Thank you for doing that.. Maybe a few tweeks here and there to some of the recipes but other than that, great! How did u come acros these recipes?

Reel xx

2:25 PM  
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