Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Assembly line Rice cooker

Travel & Living channel showed the way Udupi temple prepares lunch for
50,000 people .

Cooking on such a scale is done in huge vats. This batch process seems
inefficient to me. And what if an insect fell into the vat ( very
possible since the kitchens, though divine, are certainly not hygienic)?
Do you make the devotees wait for hours before another batch is cooked up ?

An easier solution might be to move from a batch process to a continuous
process. Something like a pizza oven where the dough sheet covered with
cheese goes in at one end of the oven and comes out as a pizza from the
other end.

Volume foolds like Idli, rice, dal etc can all be cooked in a similar
fashion. You have a conveyer belt running through a steaming box. cups
of rice go in at one end and emerge as cooked rice at the other end. The
speed of the belt can be changed depending on whether you are cooking
idli, rice or dal.

This might be hygienic, efficient and space saving. All large hotel
chains would want one.


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