Sunday, July 13, 2003

Flash - Little Known Facts

Stand-alone projector files can be created from flash movies. This lets the movie to play outside the browser, even without flash player installed. But these typically double ( or more) the file size.

The limits of Flash
A Flash movie can have up to 16000 frames. Exceed this and the movie stops. For movies with more frames,create multiple movies and link them with a method Load Movie.

16000 is also the maximum limit for layers, loaded movies and symbol instances.

Infinite loops are broken by flash by limiting loops to 200000 operations Functions such as Int() and Random() are limited to numbers around 2 billion

Flash loads most media into RAM, So if heavy media is loaded with less RAM available, the playback slows down.

The background of a Flash movie can be set to transparent. This allows the background color or image of the HTML page that contains the Flash movie to show through and allows the layering of Flash content with DHTML content.

Optimisation strategies

Create 8-bit color graphics instead of 24-bit color graphics.

Keep sound short by breaking them into multiple files.

Sample sounds at the lowest acceptable sample rate.

Use Mono.


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