Friday, July 11, 2003

Flash Forward Conference in NYC.. Key developments ( Summary of various posts)

DRK 4 announced. Advanced Charting component set shown ( Bar, Line, Area, Pie, Combo). Features include support for multiple datasets, 2d and 3d rendering, and the ability to chart different chart types in a single chart. Should integrate this with the COT module soon.

Stock Chart Sample Application : Using Flash within windows applications. This is a windows application which is written in C# and utilizes the Microsoft .NET framework. In the example, the Flash Charting Components Set 2 are used to chart stock data within the Windows application.

Internet Search Sample Application : An advanced Rich Internet Application which provides a Flash interface a popular search engine. It demonstrates a number of techniques, calling web services from Flash via Flash Remoting, encapsulating client / server code in reusable classes etc. Should read more about it once Macromedia puts it on their site.

Flash Application Layout Library : The is a library of graphics of components which can be used to quickly mock-up and layout application interfaces within Macromedia Flash.

Commerce Sample Application : This is a sample Rich Internet Application that provides a Flash interface to a popular commerce site on the internet. It demonstrates how to build advanced applications and client / server communication within Flash MX.

Polling Application Source Files : COmplete flash source files for using Instant polls included in the DRK4

Pollster: Macromedia Pollster is a hybrid ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash application for easily creating and deploying polls and poll results to your website. Pollster consists of a ColdFusion-based administration interface for managing polls, and a Flash movie that users interact with to submit answers and view poll results.

Royale: Flash for Programmers

Royale will be a form-based development tool, no timeline, no drawing tools, just an interface to accommodate data and components. The Flash IDE, in the other hand, will provide added functionality to speed up production tasks.

Faster Flash
The performance of the current version of the Flash Player (6.0.79) and the next gen Flash Player compared. The new player is 6 times faster !

Breeze Live Announced. Macromedia Breeze Live is a server-side presentation environment for running online presentations. All you need in the client side is the Flash Player. You however need to be a Breeze Live customer.

Flash on Embedded devices.

The system also allowed them to select Radio Stations and play them throughout the house. Very cool. Controls lighting, everything.

An application was demoed that showed the earth and it would say things about certain places where you zoomed in, such as weather. It runs on the I-MODE service.

A demo of a phone running Flash Lite from NTT Docomo was shown. The Charlies Angel Flash movie played wonderfully on the phone.

A flash enabled phone from Nokia was demoed.The sound quality was good.


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