Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Is Google God ?

"If I can operate Google, I can find anything. And with wireless, it means I will be able to find anything, anywhere, anytime. Which is why I say that Google, combined with Wi-Fi, is a little bit like God. God is wireless, God is everywhere and God sees and knows everything. Throughout history, people connected to God without wires. Now, for any questions in the world, you ask Google, and increasingly, you can do it without wires, too."

MSN taking on Google ?

MSN Search is currently at #3. It is the most profitable unit at MS (less than 50 people, $150 million in profit in 2002).

They are onto their favorite tricks, yet again. Replicate google, tie it into IE, word documents, excel sheets... etc and leverage on their desktop superiority to get more users to use MSN search by default. They did bid for Google and were rebuffed.

But MS could, for example, embed connections to related Microsoft search directly into Word/Excel documents or Web sites built with Windows development tools.

Would this kill Google? A pity if it happens.


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