Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Multi user Content

In a network, users create content. This live content is best suited for network delivery.

I've been breaking my nead as to how to make animations on web different from animations delivered on a CD. Moock hits the nail on its head with this example. Should build a proto application fast.

Presentation at

The utulip app is at


people affect and change everything they experience

a path forms across a field when enough people walk across it

a tree branch used by hikers to climb a rocky section of a trail will eventually wear smooth

on the web, the effects of users viewing and experiencing content are rarely obvious

the motive of uTulip is to portray the effect that users have on content when they observe it and interact with it

uTulip displays 4 drawings on screen at a time

each drawing can be changed to one of the 21 drawings in the tulip series, allowing composition of 4 "time slices"

each user experiences his/her own interpretation

each user's interaction is reflected to other connected users

the uTulip piece shows the users' collective effect on the content

uTulip represents remote user activity...the feeling of being in a crowd

uTulip makes user changes persistent (morphable worlds, the worn branch)

uTulip portrays user trends (reveals the most common images selected, paths across a field)

uTulip contrasts sequence of time vs sequence of human exploration

uTulip reveals "echoes" of user actions and reactions


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