Tuesday, July 01, 2003

In a networked Economy everyone is a competitor !

Read an article which argues Google and Ebay are competitors.

" If you're a vendor, you can advertise on a search page, or put up your wares on EBay's bazaar

A vendor pays EBay roughly 7 percent for an item worth $100. In the same way, Google gets a fee for sending a prospective buyer to a seller. In time, as Google and other search engines understand consumer behavior better, Google might get a fee for matching a buyer and seller -- similar to EBay's final value .

Fortune's advice on building a business

Step 1: Figure out the needs of your most profitable customers
Step 2: Get creative
Step 3: Test and verify your hypotheses
Step 4: Tell customers how great your value propositions are
Step 5: Apply the best value propositions on a large scale
Step 6: Begin anew

Space and PlaceTuan suggests that "space" is freedom and "place" safety. Although space will be eventually transformed into a concrete place as it acquires definition and meaning. A big factor he points out that will contribute in that transformation is how intensive, sometimes intimate and valuable are the experiences we live in those spaces - not how long we stay in them.


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