Friday, April 18, 2003

What is the Flash community working on ?

Using Flash in cell phones
Integrating XML in Flash
Integrating Flash With Web Apps

Reducing File Size in Flash

The longer we work on a FLAs the larger they get. The way to cut file size is to use "save as" and save it under some other name.

When ever you add,modify or delete content to your FLA Flash authoring adds a note to the end of the file outlining the modifications that have been made. So with more modifications, more notes get added and filesize of the FLA becomes larger.

Even if you have deleted something (say a movie), it still exists within the file but with a note saying that it shouldn't be used. These notes are discarded only when the file is compiled into a SWF.

Save As command ignores the history and the notes and rewrites the FLA file from the current data.

So to cut down file size, use "save as" and clean up the library. Should work wonders.


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