Wednesday, April 16, 2003

The Mobile Sweepstakes

A billion = 100 crores = the population of India

Half a billion cell phones are sold every year ( There are only half a billion Net users in the world). Zero point one ( .1) Bn Pc's sold every year. 5 times more mobiles sold than PC's

World population = 6 Billion

Browser wars for Cell phones are on
Two types exist: Data browsers for PDA's( html based)( Palm, MS, Symbian), Voice browsers for mobiles ( WAP based)( Openwave, Opera, Bitstream)

MS won the first browser war through its entrenched base of windows. It does not enjoy the same advantage in the second war.

Symbian, Qualcomm, Palm, IBM are in the race.

The cell and PC line is blurring. SO MS might have a chance too.

1. Convert pages from horizontal format of PC's to vertical format
2. Minimise horizontal and vertical scroll
3. Minimise data transfer

The wars have just begun !


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