Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Flash MX : Are we using any of these?

Storing data on client machines using SharedObjects

String, XML, and Array objects

Embedding video into Macromedia Flash files
Flash MX can now include interactive streaming video clips. QuickTime and RealVideo can now be imported within Macromedia Flash

Dynamically loading JPGs and MP3
loads external JPEG and MP3 media files during runtime, which results in smaller file sizes and the developer's easy modification of the content

Macromedia Flash movies communicate with each other through the LocalConnection object

With named anchors, Macromedia Flash MX content can now be bookmarked, allowing for the use of the browser Back and Forward buttons.

With the Free Transform tool and Pixel-Level Snapping Control which provide enhanced creative freedom and control over graphic content designers work faster. Color Mixer enhancements make creating, editing, and using colors and gradients easier

Macromedia Flash Application Server Gateway and Communication Server enable even faster ways to develop rich applications that benefit from the visual delivery of Macromedia Flash MX.

Vertical Text and support for Unicode in Macromedia Flash MX enables developers to rapidly build multilingual content and applications


RIA with Flash

1. Compressed SWF. Html gets bloated with content, images, script code. Not designed for RIA. Flash tuned for RIA. COmpress swf and decompress them at client using latent CPU power.

Vector graphics render and scale easily on a variety of devices

Streams and buffers content( audio, video, swf). SWF files are cached and need to update only changed data from net

Shared objects stored on client m/c and minimise trips to server.

Can communicate with databases

A part of screen can change without user ever seeing a blank page once loaded

Two way voice, video, data sharing possible between users.

Can work with Java, EJB, .Net

Loadvariable for loading from a URL makes it work with servers.


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