Thursday, April 17, 2003

My first law :o)

No classifications, however they simple they look, can ever be rigid.


No one knows where non-life ends and Life begins. No one knows where plants end and animals begins. No one knows where software ends and hardware begins. No one knows where no-consciousness ends and consciousness begins. Looks like all the borders are forever doomed to be fuzzy. They look clear at the edges, but at the line of separation, they remain fuzzy forever.

This law might be applied to social concepts too. Where does democracy end and Dictator ship begin? Where does freedom end and slavery begin? Where does Justice end and Injustice begin? It is not possible to draw a line and say" Here it ends and here this begins"

Supports what I was thinking earlier that the terms we use " Life", "Plant" " Justice" etc are just a linguistic convenience and are not absolute facts. So they never can have clearcut borders.


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