Friday, April 25, 2003

Snippets from the Flash Newsletter
The agency used action scripting to implement a unique component within the 728x90 banner which allowed users to input their phone numbers directly in the banner which would prompt a phone call reminder to watch the show.

From an interview with Brad Kozak

"....see a small ad for a Mercedes Benz, and within the same ad unit, watch a television commercial about a specific model you might be interested in, or even contact a sales representative right there, on the spot"

For minimising file size:
1. Reuse symbols in movies
2. Utilizing bitmaps at the exact same size they will be used in your movie, and setting your properties for them upon export can save you quite a lot.
3. Optimizing vector art (removing unnecessary points in your objects) can also save you quite a bit.
4.Use Sorenson Squeeze for compressing video. ( You can deliver video at a quality that rivals Windows Media Player and Real player without much problem. )

The mobile market will be the next big thing in motion graphics advertising. Animated Gif's would give way to flash. .... Flash isn't just about spinning letters and colors anymore. Flash is a true application environment. People are starting to take advantage of that fact to make advertising so much more meaningful.

Recommended Book List
ActionScripting in Macromedia Flash MX
by Phillip Kerman
Macromedia Flash Interface Design: A Macromedia Showcase
Macromedia Flash MX Upgrade Essentials by Sham Bhangal


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