Monday, April 21, 2003

Wi-Fi everywhere

WI-FI at conferences

Joe Nacchio spoke at PC Forum in March 2002. Two audience members began to heckle in real-time blogs, and the crowd, reading along, turned against him.

"...... weren't disappearing back to their rooms to check email between sessions. They'd just sit down in one of the common areas and log on. Because everyone was gathering in the same place, there was a lot more spontaneous discussion. Also, the sessions themselves became more interactive. Audience members would instant-message or email each other during a presentation as well as check out Web sites and info mentioned by the speakers. It really raised the quality of the presentations."

the most interesting wireless app is EtherPEG - code that scans the local network, captures a bit of every image being transmitted to and from laptops, and creates a montage of what people are looking at. At the Emerging Tech conference last year, someone posted the results to his weblog. When Larry Lessig was talking, the images went quiet. He's such an amazing speaker that people focused just on him. During other speakers, the images flowed like wine

Wifi and Tractors !
"...AutoTrac uses differential GPS to determine the precise position of the tractor and then takes over the steering. Because the rows are more exact, the farmer isn't wasting seed or fertilizer by overlapping.One farmer I met was planting 24 hours a day to take advantage of the good weather. He could work right through the night because of the satellite-controlled steering. We can steer tractors via the sky!

All that information is transmitted wirelessly and available 24 hours a day. If a machine breaks down, the system emails the service department."

Wi Fi and Hospitals
We have wireless laptops for patient. That means we can start working on patients as soon as the medics wheel them in.

Wi-Fi and ticketing
Desktop computer systems require the customer to wait in line - the data is anchored to the ground. Wireless allows you to go to the guest, rather than having the guest come to you. And wireless solutions are scalable: We can put 50 ticket sellers out there if we need to. The whole paradigm of waiting in long lines is gone."


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