Thursday, April 24, 2003

Microsoft Vs Linux:
If you want one, you have to take em all !

Microsoft's business strategy is to integrate multiple applications -- e-mail messaging, printing, Web page creation and the like -- with its server operating system, but to charge for them separately depending on how extensively they are used.

Cheap revolutions :
the cheap revolution, and Christensen's suggestions on how to escape it:

Improve your product offering faster than anybody else can. This tactic works, generally, only for market leaders with a good brand name, a greased distribution channel and financial might. (Think Intel.) And it works only as long as the market wants the added functionality and is willing to pay for it.

Sell fast custom solutions that answer a customer's needs..

Find an unserved market and serve it cheaply. This is the way of the disrupter. The product or service should be so cheap, in fact, that the industry's old guard thinks there's no money to be made and walks away.


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