Monday, April 21, 2003

Why store food ?
Research has shown that the average American household has less than a week’s supply of food on hand. This is also the case with the average American supermarket. An adequate food supply for your family is a major part of economic security, and could possibly be the key to survival. Most local relief organizations will take approximately three days (72 hours) to get back on their feet to be able to help you. A 72 hour kit is a big step in the right direction

Mistakes in Food storage
1. Not having a good supply of the spices you like to cook with.
2. Store dehydrated and/or freeze dried foods as well as home canned and "store bought" canned goods. Make sure you add cooking oil, shortening, baking powder, soda, yeast and powdered eggs.
3.Not storing Vitamins - Vitamins are important, especially for children. Becasul ( multi-vitamin tablets) and vitamin C ( Suc-cee tablets) are the most vital.
4. Not storing Psychological Foods. These are the `goodies' - Jello, pudding, candy, etc. - you should add to your storage
5. No Balance. Don't invest in a all wheat or all rice schedule. Variety is the key.
6.Not using proper containers - Always store your bulk foods in food storage containers.
7. Not using Your Storage - people store food and but don't know what to do with it.


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