Monday, April 21, 2003

PHP in place of Flash remoting. Splendour.. want to try this ?

PHPObject can solve many remoting-like tasks like talking to web services and grabbing complete objects such as arrays from the server, but it also adds a new dimension. PHPObject can execute methods in your PHP class/library as if it was defined inside Flash itself. The project is open source published as GNU LGPL license, so PHPObject is free to use

Keeping Flash MX updated

1. New Documentation
2. Flash Remoting updater
3. Flash Player 6
4. Standalone Flash Player 6
5. FreeHand MX Reader for Flash MX

In addition, you'll probably want updated components for UI, graphing, Remoting and FlashCom

The current version of all Flash players are 6.0.79. If you have not updated the standalone player that comes with Flash MX, you're probably still using version 6.0.21.

Cool Math component. Satish.. check it out for downloading the component


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