Saturday, May 10, 2003

Macromedia strengthening flash

Macromedia strengthening flash

Presedia, makers of ppt to flash tools. MM bought the company and used its tools to allow users to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation and combine the two in a streaming application runt hrough flash.

MM buys Firefly components , beefing up flash remoting.

MM launches Central, which enables users run applications on their desktops without using browsers.

MM's stated goal : "Make the Web more usable for people". Experience matters.

Royale is under development. It's essentially Flash for programmers.Flash has a primarily visual interface aimed at artists . Programmers are more comfortable with a less visual and more code-like tool .

Alta Vista now supports Flash in its search

And MM's CEo on the question "When is Microsoft going to acquire you?"

Burgess: We're good partners; we're not up for sale. There are millions of customers out there who want us to remain independent.

On flash in mobiles : It's a huge market. We're already supplying Flash technology to several key players, such as Microsoft and Sony on the handset side and, most recently, NTT DoCoMo on the carrier side. The deal with DoCoMo, which launched the world's first 3G network, is very important.


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