Thursday, May 08, 2003



Where is WiFi going?It might evolve very much like the Net.There was a long list of reasons ten years ago for why the Web would never make it
security, scalability, reliability, business model, etc.

The same list of shortcomings is being attributed to WiFi today.Like like the Web, WiFi is grass roots, standards based, and very decentralized. Just like with the Web, there is no stopping WiFi from becoming mainstream. The benefits are too compelling.

WiFi is promising an always-on Internet and extending it to more people and more devices at more locations. So more people would do more transactions fueling growth, boosting more spending, providing more productivity to the economy.

WiFi will have a major impact on the telecommunications industry. The increase in Internet usage made possible by WiFi will mean more bits on the wire. WiFi chips will soon be in handheld devices of all kinds including cell phones.

The telecom companies, they still think that the Internet is one of the many services that you can get via a telecom service. Unfortunately, they have it backwards. Telephony is one of the many things you can do with the Internet! Voice is just another Internet application.


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