Saturday, May 10, 2003

Chennai Temples

Parthasarathy Temple

Triplicane.One of three major vaishnavite temples (Other two : Sree Rangam and Tirupathi).Built in the 8th Century by Pallavas. Renovated by Cholas and later by Vijayanagar rulers ( 16th Century).

The main deity is Krishna with Rukmani on his right and Balarama on his left. Parthasarathy is depicted with Sridevi and Bhoodevi on either side. Parthasarathy's face is shown covered with scars created by the arrows of Bhiishma, trying to provoke Krishna into breaking his vow and start fighting.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Mylapore, ( known to Ptolemy as the great port of Maillarpha). Built by pallavas in 8th century and renovated by Vijayanagara kings in 16th century. 63 nayanmars sculpted in bronze adorn the outer courtyard.

This ancient Siva temple is a delightful introduction to Dravidian temple sculpture and artitecture. Some inscriptions date back to 1250 AD. The magnificent 37 m tall gopuram is profusely carved. The Punnai tree in the temple courtyard is one of oldest trees in Chennai.


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