Monday, April 14, 2003

Reducing Flash file size

You can force Flash to rebuild the FLA (essentially compressing it), by doing a Save As to a new file name. This will force Flash to rewrite the FLA and only include the current data / assets from the movie. After that you can delete the original file, and rename the new one to the previous name

Action Script Cool tools
The manitu group, creators of ActionScript Viewer have started producing plugins for ASV, so their complete product offering now includes:
ActionScript Viewer - ActionScript and Flash decompiler
URL Action Editor - update getURL() calls in your .swf without opening flash
ActionScript Replacer - change a block of code in your .swf file without opening flash
ASV IE Cache SWF Browser - retrieve .swf files from internet explorer's cache
ASV Projector Creator - create compressed .swf files and projectors for flash player 4, 5, and 6 (i.e., reduce file size for your movies or projectors)

And check out this cool page turning effect


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