Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Cooking for a crowd

Cooked for over 7 guys yesterday. It is actually easy if a few simple
principles are followed.

1. Get the base ready - Kneaded half a kg of maida and it is enough for
6-7 guys. This can be made into chappatis, parathas or stuffed parathas.
Once the kneaded dough is ready it takes just a couple of minutes to
cook up a flatbread.

2. Prepare onion-tomato base. Once this base is cooked and ready, it can
be used to cook up a wide variety of side dishes / gravies or snacks.
Sauitee chicken, mix with the gravy, add some readymade chicekn masala
and chicken is ready in under 10 minutes. Replace chicken with paneer/
cauliflower and you either have a gravy or dry curry ready in under 10

3. Have some milk / curd.
To round off a meal, a variety of milkshakes / lassi / buttermilk can be
made fast - even without a mixie. Just pour the necessary stuff into a
tall glass and shake till they are blended.


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