Saturday, May 03, 2003

Summary of past 10 days talks

Summary of past 10 days talks
Flash on mobiles, Handhelds
RIA ( Ihotelier, weather, Petshop, iokio, miniusa, vwasia, mortgage calculator)
Flash and VB
Flash and PHP dynamic address book
RSS with flash
Flash 99% bad
Usability report and what happened next
Flash with GPS
Flash with SMS
XML and flash
Firefly components in Flash
Audio and Video in flash
Flash to any database connection logic

Macromedia Central Logic ( Instant delivery, Occasionally connected, Co-operative apps, Open data, Context, Enable Colloborative work)

Web Services

1. Dynamic CD supplement creation
2. Powertest in Flash, to be submitted to Macromedia
3. New Jigsaw
4. Shuffling objects in Drag n drop games
5. application (Like excel) as RIA in flash
6. Network games in flash
7. Creation of a pet store type interface for CD supplements
8. Formula based flash proto
9. SM site as RIA


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