Friday, May 02, 2003

Music will never die. It is being rebooted !

Music will never die. It is being rebooted !

Interview with Steve Jobs,8599,448048,00.html

"Rip.Mix.Burn" was never not legit. "Rip.Mix.Burn" never meant "go steal music." It meant "Rip.Mix.Burn" exactly what it said.

You can now buy music from Itunes music store, Manage music with iTunes Jukebox, Listen to music with iPod. So we've got.... a complete solution for digital music. We're the only people in the world to do this, so we feel great about it.

Subscription services have completely failed. Nobody wants to rent their music

Commenting on low downloads at :
Downloading sucks on their service! You download a track and you can't burn it to a CD without paying them more money. You can't put it on your MP3 player, you can't put it on multiple computers.. it sucks! So of course nobody downloads! You pay extra to download even on top of subscription fees. No wonder they have hardly any download traffic ..they hardly even have any subscribers

".... most everybody in the music industry uses a Mac and they all have iPods....they see Apple as the most creative of the technical companies, a very artist-friendly company, very credible. So.. we were able to negotiate landmark deals with them that no one else has ever come close to in terms of offering the user really broad rights to the music they buy.


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