Sunday, May 04, 2003

The Net is delivering !

The Net is delivering !

Andrew S. Grove, "Everything we ever said about the Internet is happening."

1999 Ecom projections : $1.3 trillion by 2003
It is now actually $2.4 trillion.

Forrester's in 1999 predicted that U.S. consumer e-commerce would reach $108 billion by 2003. Despite recession, terrorism, and war, the number projected to close at $95 billion this year.

Earlier prediction : Productivity gains from e-commerce was predicted to pump as much as $250 billion a year into the economy by 2005.

Prediction now : Gains from businesses using the Net to sharpen forecasting, keep inventories lean, and communicate instantaneously with suppliers could reach $450 billion a year by 2005. This adds $4,500 annually to the average U.S. household's income.

Nearly half the public dot coms that survived the shakeout, some 40% were profitable in the fourth quarter of 2002,

A second dot com bubble might just form.

$100 billion was pumped into 6,000 Net startups over the past decade. 2,000 have gone under or merged with other companies.

450 dotcoms went public ended,ost od whose stocks fell by 90% or more.

35 billion song files are traded , shaking the recording industry. Expedia ( Now the No.1 leisure-travel agency, online or off ) closed over 13% of traditional travel-agencies.

Dell Computer Corp. has rebuilt its sales and manufacturing around the Internet.

Vinod Khosla "Runaway tech projects don't work. You need the revolution by 1,000 small cuts, not one big dramatic change."

Chambers, predicts that as the U.S. progresses toward e-business, productivity will rise from the current 1% to 3% annually, to as high as 5% -- potentially doubling the U.S. standard of living within 14 years.

At eight years, the Web is the same age color TV was when it turned profitable in 1962. And when color sets really got TV rolling, we all know what happened: New industries sprouted from it that were a complete and utter surprise.
BusinessWeek's 1962 story telling readers "Why Color TV Makes Money Now" contains not a word about cable, pro sports, or Presidential campaigns, and not much about advertising


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