Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Rich Site Sumamry, Really Simple Syndication

Geoff from wanted a RSS feed before my blog can be aggregated to the goog and I did some reading of what RSS is.
My blog as a RSS feed is available at

Summary of RSS from the URL below:

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a XML format designed to make sharing Web content easy. Everytime you update your site, the new info can be instantly shared with other sites.

RSS text file contains both static information about your site, plus dynamic information about your new stories

Each story is defined by an tag, which contains a headline TITLE, URL, and DESCRIPTION.

RSS thus becomes a mini database containing headlines and descriptions of what's new on your site. It can now flow into other products and services like other sites, PDA's, cell phones, email newsletters. and even voice updates.

RSS thus creates multiple points of entry to your latest content, rather than multiple copies of the same article (which introduces its own maintenance problems).

So, once you have data in a standardized format, new forms of content distribution channels are only limited by your imagination, and scripting ability.

" What I especially like about RSS and looking at feeds from hundreds of sites is that you can see the Web work at a grassroots level"


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