Thursday, July 17, 2003

Flash Paper.. Taking on PDF ?

Macromedia FlashPaper lets you publish any document with total control as to how it will come out on a printer. It is a printer driver technology for Windows 2000 and XP that can transform any printable document into a compact, web-friendly Macromedia Flash format and then embed the document as an intrinsic part of a web page.

Inserting documents os simple. Just Insert >> Document as flash player lets you insert Word , PowerPoint Excel,Microsoft Project, AutoCAD and even PDF documents.

FlashPaper documents open inside webpages, unlike annoying PDF.

Zoom/ scroll /print supported

Only Flash 6 required to view the paper

Comes from the server. So FlashPaper can only be viewed in a web page, which means you can’t email FlashPaper documents directly to others

The text in FlashPaper documents cannot be searched or selected

FlashPaper does not support digital signatures, annotations and many other features of enterprise document sharing technologies like PDF


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