Monday, June 02, 2003

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates... the off the record interviews

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates... the off the record interviews

SteveJobs Interview excerpts :

First great Age of PC's:
Spreadsheets, productivity software,

Second great Age:
Internet, Email, Chat

Third Great Age
At Apple we feel there's a third great age of the PC coming, where it becomes your digital hub. Cameras, music: it's becoming central to the digital lifestyle.

Why isn't Apple inventing TAblet PC's or PDA's ?
"What people really seem to want to do with these is get the data out. We believe cell phones are going to carry this information"

Walt Mossberg "The Internet now is in place almost like an electrical grid, ready to power a host of different things"

Gates : Digital ink, speech recognition and Web services are big steps forward.

What the hell are Web services?"

Gates showed how a spreadsheet could be created that would link seamlessly with the Amazon site. Web services is about connecting applications together, and it's the infrastructure needed for ecommerce. Today, phone, email and faxes still are the dominant means of commercial communications. Describing XML, Gates mentioned the ability to do customized sourcing.


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