Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Success !

As Intelligence cannot be encapsulated in a single number, happiness or success can't be too ! Guess this rule holds good for all the 'nebulous" values. The traditional way to measure intelligence was through IQ testing which Howard GArdner blew apart with his influential Multiple Intelligence concept.

Similarly the traditional benchmark of happiness or success seems to be the money you make or the job you hold. Like MI, I guess it is far more logical to factor out happiness or success into different heads like the time under your control, the freedom to do wht you like etc.,

By the traditional IQ theory, the MENSA guys were the demi gods and people like Gandhi or Bach won't even be considered intelligent. Similarly, right now people tend to assume Michael DEll/Bill Gates would be the happiest/most successful man on the planet whereas a poor farmer leading a peaceful life somewhere in rural India won't even make the scale.


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