Monday, February 24, 2003

Break away from the kitchen cooking !

There is no need to be chained to your kitchen. Fun meals can be prepared anywhere with little imagination.

Clay Pot cooking :

Fill a terra cotta pot ( flower pot works fine ) half way with dirt. Line with foil. Add a few pieces of charcoal. When it gets going, you can do foil cooking , kebab cooking, barbecue etc.

Tin can cooking :

Take a large tin and a small tin. Cut them open at one end. Fill up the small can with corruhgated cardboard, pour liquid wax into it ans stick a few candle wicks.You have whats called a 'Buddy Burner " ready.

Now light it, cover it by with the large can and start cooking. Remember to punch a few holes near the top of the large can for air circulation.

Cook foil wrapped dishes or normal dishes.

Gabage can cooking :

Need a show stopper? Need to feed los of people? Well try this.

Heat a big mound of charcoal briquets in a firepit.

Drive a heavy wooden stake in the ground. Impale the turkey or the massive slab of meat on it. Cover it with the largest metal bucket you can find. Don't let it completely seal the dish. Leave some airspace at the bottom. Line up hot coals all around( and over) the metal bucket, as close as possible. Cover the whole thing with a large garbage can. Again ensure to let air in by putting some rocks or sticks between the ground and the bottom edge.

Wait for a couple of hours and dig in.

Wheel barrow cooking :

Get hot coals going inside a wheel barrow and it serves as a mobile kitchen. You can stick-cook, set dutch ovens on top of coal or use a grill to barbecue or do foil packs.

Cookie tin cooking:

Punch holes are around the bottom rim of a cookie tin . Put a paper bag with about a dozen charcoal briquets inside the tin. Put a small round cake rack is placed on top and the lid put back on. You can now take this portable barbeque anywhere.

Milk carton cooking :

Take a large 2 litre milk carton. Staple the spout closed. Cut one side open along three edges so you are left with a hinge-type flap. Cover the inside with foil and place a coal briquets inside, cover with foil again and seal the flap with tape. You have your lightweight portable barbeque ready. Be generous with the foil. Don't expose any uncovered area of the carton to coal or you'll stove will become fire starter !

Can cooking:

This is a modifired version of foil cooking. Here you drop food stuff into a can, cover with foil and cook.

Recipe idea 1 :
Coat the inside of the can with oil. Crack an egg into the can, put 2 small sausages inside and cover it with foil. Place it on a charcoal grill until the egg is cooked.

Take a couple of precooked mini sausages. Stand them up around the inside of the can. Crack a couple of eggs into the can, cover the tin with foil. Cook over charcoal briquettes


Remember to skin the chicken before you foil cook it. Or the skin would seal the meat of the chicken and prevent it from cooking well.
Better to cut the chicken in cubes,

When you foil cook vegetables, mix them with oil before wrapping them in oil.

Always make sure the foil wrap is done tight, and sealed well ( A durgstore fold is the easiest) Make sure that you get good foil because cheap foil will actually burn in the coals!


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