Sunday, February 23, 2003

Playing with fire

It is not always great recipes that make your reputation as a great cook. People easily fall for gimmicks like chopping onion like a buzz saw or flipping pizza dough a mile high. Though these take time to master, you can try a easy to learn gimmick to make your reputation as a great chef. By setting fire to food !

Nothing attracts attention as much as a flaming dish or a cocktail on fire. These are HOT. Use them wisely !

Core idea :

Pour alcohol over food and set it on fire.That's it !

Idiot proof recipe ideas

Cook some butter and brown sugar in a skillet till sugar dissolves.

Arrange some pineapple rounds in the syrup in a single layer,cook for a couple of minutes, trun over and cook for a couple of minutes more.

Add any alcohol set it on fire. Apart from making heads turn, it also imparts a nice flavor to the dish.

You can use bananas or other fruits instead of pineapple.

Pour alchohol over stir fried meat/chicken. Light it and enjoy the show !

Now, lets do the same trick with cocktails

Mix your favorite cocktail in a separate glass, but skip the alcohol. Pour alcohol in a separate glass and ignite it. Pour the flaming liquid into the cocktail glass.Cover the glass to extinguish fire.

Idiot proof recipes

Pour rum on top of your favorite cocktail and set it alight.

Pour rum in a glass. Beer in another. Light the rum and pour it into beer.

Pour vodka in a glass, pour some rum on top, and light the rum.

Shake Campari and lemon juice in a cocktail mixer with some ice. Pour into a glass. Heat some brandy until warm. Pour brandy into the glass, holding a match in the stream to create a blue flame, then gulp the lot. The longer the stream, the more impressive the flame, the more solid your reputation becomes.

Pour tequila into shot glass. Place lemon slice on top. Sprinkle with tbsp of white sugar. Pour a small amount of rum over lemon and sugar. Set on fire.


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