Wednesday, March 19, 2003

No Limitation except limitation of Imagination

A rich multiplayer game in the 80's? Is it possible ? Yup. There is no limit to creativity !

Yes ! Multi-player game was successfully created, which ran off a floppy disk on a Atari! Read more about the father of AOE, Civilisation and Everquest

In 80's, Dani Bunten created M.U.L.E. ("Multiple Use Labor Elements") . In this game you use these stubborn electronic beasts to help you develop a plot of land and make money. It used the Atari 4 joy stick interface to let players cooperate and compete in an artificial economy. Designers still rave about it.

Her game philosophy was

1. You should be able to personalize your game; there
2. Keep the features down, and let players concentrate on human psychology, not game detail.
3. No amount of A.I. would ever, ever match the richness of play you could get from other human players

Shw was suffering from advanced lung cancer in 1997 and wrote ".... if there is one thing I want to do before I die it is to re-do MULE for a modern audience."

For her, computer amd gaming were just a tool for a richer human interaction. Her most quoted maxim: "Nobody on their deathbed said, 'I wish I'd spent more time with my computer.'"

What a lady !


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